Herbal Supplements

As a pharmacy, we are aware that many patients believe in the use of herbal medicine.  Sometimes in lieu of prescription medication.  Typically, we get approached by our patients who have purchased an herbal product elsewhere and are wondering, can they take it with their prescription.  Or what are the side effects if they do.

At WIZE Pharmacy we are prepared to answer those questions for our patients. Did you know that consumers in the United States spend almost 10% more in herbal dietary supplements than they do on traditional dietary supplements?

Research has shown that our older patients tend to use herbal medicine more than other groups. But health care providers do not typically receive training on herbal medicines so they may not understand drug interaction or side effects.

If you have questions about herbal medicines, which you should take, how often or if what you want to take will have adverse effects on you or in combination with the prescriptions you may already be taking, contact the team at WIZE Pharmacy to learn more.

We are not just your choice for prescription medication. WIZE Pharmacy can be your choice for Herbal Supplements and more.