Prescription Multi-Dose Packaging

At WIZE Pharmacy we offer Prescription Multi Dose packaging.  What is that you ask?  Multi-Dose packaging is putting your prescription medication into a prefilled medicine box.  Pharmacies like WIZE  Pharmacy will do this to help people with complicated prescription regimens. We are concerned about your safety and want to be sure that you take your prescription properly.

At WIZE Pharmacy we use packaging that makes it easy and safe to take your medication. The Packing is contained in what is called blisters, with the patient’s prescribed medication for a specific time, whether it be morning, noon, evening, or bedtime.  And the date when the patient should be taking the prescription.

Our dispensers are safe and easy to open.  They can be color coded to indicate the time of day you need to take your medication.  They are a much safer and effective way to make sure you are reminded of when to and how much medication to take.

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